Powder Brown Tang "Available"

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I purchased my brown powdered tang from the London location.

After reading reviews I was hesitant about the purchase - apparently they are extremely sensitive, easily stressed and ich magnets, on top of that they are apparently very hard to assimilate.

However, after nearly two weeks, I must say I've never owned a healthier fish. He took to eating the SAME NIGHT he got home, and feeds all day constantly (which is a great sign!). He has had no infection or disease, so props to the great care he received at the store.

Feed your PBT seaweed sheets (I buy mine from Loblaws locally), and pellets. I also own a puffer fish which is fed shrimp, the tang likes to eat whatever little shrimp pieces the puffer sends flying all over the tank.

Very active fish, it'll swim around looking for food all day. Incredible color in person, and not shy to humans what so ever. Highly recommended, but be on the cautious side, I did water changes every other day to keep the water clean and fresh when I introduced the tang.

Another great purchase from Incredible Aquarium!!
Date Added: 04/10/2012 by John Haddad