Sicce BioPellet Plus Reactor with Multi 1300 pump


The BioPellet Plus uses it's proprietary designed pressure plate to evenly tumble every type of biopellet to perfection without the need of higher water flows completely negating the need for the two pump recirculating design.
The BioPellet Plus reactor uses a proprietary pressure plate that takes efficiency to the next level. The BioPellet Plus uses no sponges to ever clog or replace, instead using our highly engineered laser cut acrylic baffle with its own grip keeping all biopellets within the reactor chamber and out of your tank.
Biopellets have become a popular method of removing nitrates and phosphates from an aquarium. Biopellets are made primarily of a biodegradable polymer that promte aerobic and anaerobic bacteria ("feeding it") making it a viable way to consume nutrients (NO3 and PO4) within a reactor. Unlike direct tank dosing methods that add carbon sources directly to the water column, the Sicce BioPellet Plus reactor consumes nutrients without the common downside of unsightly signs of bacteria throughout the system. Instead of turning the entire aquarium into a reactor the Sicce BioPellet Plus provides equal or better benefits neatly within or beside a filter in the cabinet. This prevents any mess in the display.
*NO3 and PO4 removal
*No dosing or increase in dosing over time
*No cyanobacteria or bacterial side effects
*No risk of overdosing
*Easy to use
*Increases protein skimmer output and efficiency
*Bacteria is a food source for many species like corals & sponges
1.Do not use GFO during initial phases of starting the reactor
2.It takes up to 8 weeks before full results ae seen
3.Using UV sterilizers & ozone will decrease the efficiency of the reactor. Use only as needed
4.Always use a quality protein skimmer and make sure it is running at full efficiency
5.Direct the outlet of the reactor toward the skimmer pump inlet if possible
6.Keep the reactor in a dark area away from the refugium or other light
7.The reactor can be placed outside or inside the filter or sump. The pump must be in the sump
8.To avoid leaks and hook up problems, place the reactor inside the filter or sump
9.If tubing for the reactor is loose, use hose clamps (not included)
10.When initially starting or after adding new media, the reactor may take up to a day to start fluidizing properly after which it will stay fluidized until the media needs replacing
11.Various pellet medias require different flows to remain in a fluidized state as well as the amount of pellets used will vary the flow through the reactor.
12.Requires 198 to 396gph (750 to 1500lph) pump
Height = 13"
Diameter = 5.5"
1/2" hose barb inlet/outlet
Includes 2ft of 1/2" Vincon tubing
Designed and hand-built in the USA and Italy with 100% American-made acrylic construction

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