Poly-Filter 12"x12"


A formulation of patented material bonded to a synthetic matrix. By means of a special proprietary process, it is made impervious to salt while being organic-loving to certain materials. It is designed to continuously filter pollutants from the water without removing any desirable trace elements. In addition to its many features, a major benefit is its ability to maintain a nitrogen cycle balance if the biological filter malfunctions. It provides a supplemental means for the removal of ammonia when the biological filter is unable to break down excess ammonia. At that point, the "Poly Filter" absorbs the excess ammonia giving time to the biological filter to adjust to the higher ammonia input levels. All of this occurs without adding anything to the aquarium system to aid the filter and without removing any fish or invertebrates from the aquarium water.
In addition to outstanding capabilities for removing ammonia, it also removes heavy metals, harmful organics, all forms of phosphate and is without equal in the removal of medications after treatment. Medication such as Copper Sulphate and Formalin, Quinine Sulphate, Malachite Green, chelated copper compounds and even antibiotics used to treat bacterial infections. These substances can cause serious toxicity problems for fish after treatment since they remain in solution for long periods of time causing toxic overdosage. The "Poly Filter" rapidly removes most parasite and antibiotic medications without removing or affecting beneficial trace elements. While activated carbon and ion exchange resins have been used for antibiotic removal, many times the fail to remove the medication completely and sometimes can shock the fish. The "Poly Filter" will not shock even the most delicate fish while completely removing the antibiotics.
Another important and patented feature of the "Poly Filter" is its unique ability to change a different color with the absorption of specific pollutants. It turns blue with a copper salt, light green to aqua with free copper, orange with iron, red with aluminum, yellowish green with ammonia and white to beige to brown to black with the absorption of harmful organics. This unique feature not only assures the hobbyist that the "Poly Filter" is functioning but helps him to monitor changes in water conditions and tells him when to replace the filter.

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