GEO Reef Universal Frag Rack - Black


Our all NEW Universal Mount frag tree trays are designed to mount to the top bracing or on a rimless display aquarium. Heavy duty cast acrylic construction. The 1/2" diameter hanging rod will not sway and provides a secure support for the frag tree tray. The frag tree tray mounts to the hanging rod with a set screw and can be adjusted up or down to find the ideal location in your tank. For deep tanks order a second tray and add it to your Universal Mount frag tree tray and have a double decker!

The NEW Universal Mount fastens the rack to the top euro style brace or the top panel of a brace-less aquarium for a rigid no fail support system.

These racks mount secure, they do not slip or fall and there is no metal to corrode. The top mount clamp also allows the user to remove the frag tray from the aquarium without putting their hands in the water.

This universal coral frag rack is designed to mount to the top of a rimless aquarium OR the top brace of an aquarium. In some cases the bracemount feature will also work on center braces. The mechanical mount eliminates the use of suction cups that will fail and magnets that will rust and pollute your tank. These racks come in white or black.


When using the rimless feature will mount to aquariums with walls up to 5/8" thick
When using the bace feature will mount to braces up to 7/8" thick.
Tray adjusts up and down and side to side locking in place with a set screw
Excellent for acclimating new corals due to the varing depths the tray can be set at.
Acrylic construction with nylon hardware
Large tray measures 2.75 x 11.75 and will hold up to 19 frag plugs
Thirteen 7/16" diameter frag plug holes on the outer edges
Six 1/2" diameter frag plug holes down the center line
10" maximum depth
1" offset from aquarium glass to tray

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